Rich Tradition

Celina longhorns

Strong Legacy, Modern Momentum

Celina, Texas, boasts a rich historical legacy dating back to the 1870s. Its founding in 1879, inspired by the industrious spirit of pioneers, marked the establishment of a community named in homage to Celina, Tennessee. The town's narrative unfolds with wheat, cotton, corn, and the diligent efforts of farming families.


Area Settled


City of Celina Incorporated


Main Street Designation

Innovations Throughout Our History

Celina has an enduring spirit of adaptation and progress, exemplified throughout its storied history. In the year 1902, Celina embraced a transformative era with the advent of a new railway, symbolizing a commitment to progress. Notably, the town's residents showcased their resourcefulness by employing rollers to delicately reposition buildings, ultimately earning Celina the distinctive moniker of "Rollertown."

“If you are casting about for a good place to make your home you should visit Celina and see for yourself what it has to offer. Some here occasionally think the grass is greener elsewhere and move away, but most of them decide there is no use trying to find a better place in which to live and rear their families, come back and settle down firmly fixed in their belief that trying is a waste of time.”

An excerpt from the town charter of 1937

Firmly Fixed, Looking Forward

Today, amid significant growth, Celina cherishes its heritage, seamlessly merging historical landmarks like the 1910 Historic Square and the 1914 Nelson Hotel into its contemporary vibe. These landmarks aren't just structures; they're the storytellers of a lively Texas gem, echoing the vibrant beats of its past.