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A Growing Population

Nestled in the heart of Texas and just 40 miles north of Dallas, Celina boasts a rapidly expanding population, each contributing their unique talents and perspectives to our close-knit town. The projected population in Celina is expected to be over 100,000 in just 5 years, bringing with it an increasing and skilled workforce. 

Population Breakdown


Service Area, 2024


City Limits, 2024


Projected, 2029

Fast Facts

The median age in Celina is 37.

  • 51.4% Bachelor's/Grad/Professional Degree

  • 29.2% Some College

  • 13.4% High School Graduate

  • White: 69.4%

  • Two or More Races: 13.1%

  • Black: 6.7%

  • Asian: 4.4%

  • Pacific Islander: 0.1%

  • Other: 5.4%

Our Workforce

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With a workforce population of over 550,000 in Collin County, our talent pool is made up of well-educated and skilled community members.
collin college celina campus


Celina is preparing our workforce of the future for greater heights with CTE, continuing education, and certificate programs at area schools and colleges.