Rooted in Celina

Celina Water Tower

Unmatched Opportunity

Established within the prime growth landscape of the North Dallas area, Celina offers high-quality community living integrated with a thriving business landscape.

Radiating with an atmosphere of potential while holding to our small-town roots, Celina places a strategic focus on enhancing the quality of life for its residents. The future of our community is assured through strategic planning, excellent education, increased infrastructure, support for business, and access to amenities.

Celina housing permits soar in 2023

Despite challenging conditions in the housing market, residential building permits soared in the fast-growing North Texas suburb of Celina in 2023.

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In the Path of Growth


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Entrepreneurial Support

Entrepreneurs find a welcoming environment supported by the Celina Economic Development Corporation (CEDC), which promotes a strong community spirit that effortlessly transitions into the business community. Celina provides entrepreneurs with robust resources, ensuring they are not only welcomed but also well-prepared for the road to success.