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Collaborative Commitment 

Collaboration and community connection have long been ingrained in Celina's DNA. Now, that powerful hometown spirit is driving innovation and opportunity across the workforce landscape. As new businesses emerge and existing ones thrive, Celina's dynamic workforce stands ready to meet the demands of tomorrow.

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Hometown “Home Base”

With the rise of hybrid and remote work arrangements, more individuals are drawn to Celina for its superior quality of life outside the urban core of Dallas/Fort Worth. As this trend continues, Celina has the opportunity to establish itself as a premier "home base" for workers seeking a balance between career opportunities and a more relaxed lifestyle.

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Our residents enjoy a pure fiber network with unlimited bandwidth and speeds of 1,000 megabits per second.

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With a comfortable location positioned in the northern part of Collin County, there is clear and direct access to the over half a million workforce population of the county at large. Celina stands poised to attract and retain top talent while nurturing its distinct identity as a thriving and dynamic destination.