Gigabit City

Celina Texas

A Town Connected

Celina is the 1st Gigabit City in the State of Texas. This innovative initiative sought to provide gig speed internet to every Celina home. As of 2023, approximately 11,000 homes enjoy high speed fiber internet. Residents enjoy a pure fiber network with unlimited bandwidth and speeds of 1,000 megabits per second. Celina’s leadership was committed to benefitting the entire town, and so the ordinance was passed to officially create the very first city-wide fiber optic network. 

“Technology and high-speed internet are essential to building brighter futures for the people of Celina and all Texans.”

Governor Greg Abbott, 2021

The ordinance that passed states, “… a fiber optic network in the City of Celina, Texas is a fundamental aspect of the infrastructure required to educate youth, create jobs, promote public safety, improve citizens’ standards of living and deliver essential services.

How it Happens

Fiber optic lines use glass/plastic threads to transmit data. The open access network will lead to faster communication and internet speeds for consumers and commercial businesses, creating the first true Gigabit City in the state of Texas. The definition and commitment of Celina’s Gigabit City is to provide a minimum of 1 Gbps (Gigabit per second) up and down connectivity speed to every residential and business across the city.